From the Vast Outback of the Sierra Umphweephwee...
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Is this the rudest, crudest show on the 'net?
Well, probably not...but we try!

Join A. Ghastlee Ghoul, Suspira, Louu the Xxxmas Devil,
Mayhem Zann, Jeff McClellan: American, Comrade X the
Generic Revolutionary and Cinema Wasteland
's Ken Kish for a drunken romp through the crusty underbelly of B-flicks, eclectic music and down & dirty comedy-- where camp, sleaze, cheese, and good ol' fashioned schlock are always served up with a sloppy
grin. You know you've wondered what goes on in the sideshow
freaks' trailers after hours, and you've got way too many
brain cells cluttering your head anyway, so as we say here
in the holler...LISTEN OF IT!

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